3 Things to Expect When Voice Search Takes Over

3.) Marketers will need to employ new strategies for local voice search

Voice search has such a rapid growth rate that it has great potential in affecting how local businesses are discovered. ComScore even guesses that by 2020, an entire 50 percent of all searches will be done by voice. While it probably won’t be put in place of the already existing screen-based search, voice search will eventually be such an important element that companies will have to come up with various strategies for being discovered by voice search. And a big portion of these skills will be brand new. Nobody actually has an legit SEO strategy for Amazon, so that will have to be understood and created. As of now, Amazon’s Echo is dependent on “skills” — which is  equivalent to applications, to provide data which the Echo refers to for any responses. For instance, the Echo uses Yelp’s database for local service providers, retail and restaurants, along with reviews in ranking and formulating its responses. As more strategies are added to Echo, it will soon become more and more difficult for a company to develop its appearance and stand  among all the several sources of information.


2.) Voice search VS. keywords in a search box

Google will probably never partner for it is currently creating a home-based personal assistant of its own, rightfully entitled Google Home. Google obviously has an advantage in its incomparable aptitude and superiority in search. But although it contains such a vast index that fuels the greatest search inquiry response in the world, voice search will develop some new wrinkles in the process that may level the playing field to some degree. The style that individuals communicate through voice search and inquiries is not the same as the way they communicate with a search box. Because search inquiries are more conversational in natural language, they have a tendency to be greater in size, more implied and reveal greater forms of resolution. For instance, a user may decide to type in keywords “a/c repair near me” but then tell a voice assistant, “There’s a burning smell coming from my outside Trane a/c condenser unit.”

  • Future Developments 
  •  Most definitely will other conflicts different than voice will pop up, and it’s hard to guess what strategies might work the best until voice search evolves further and we see more details behind how people will use the technology. Others are also working on their renditions of the technology with Facebook, developing a personal assistant called “M” and Apple working on a standalone product for Siri, deeming it available to third-party developers and importing it into the Mac desktop experience in its next OS update. But, there’s a chicken-and-egg issue at stake: Just as the layouts are still working on finally completing their service, purchasers are still trying to figure out how to ask for what they want. Their inquiries will modify as the services widen and improve their promotions.


Watch the video below to see reasons why voice search is taking over!