5 Unexpected Tips for Search Engine Optimization

5.) Site Architecture

While it’s a fact that Google is growing to be more and more intelligent in analyzing site quality, link juice is still the core factor in the algorithm, having a huge effect on your rankings. And that’s exactly why you’re trying so hard to earn those treasurous links. However… If you don’t pay enough attention to internal linking, you are probably just wasting all of the hard earned PageRank — and allowing it to roll out to a “dead end” instead of distributing it properly among your most important pages.


4.) the right strategy for listing your local business address

Every local SEO expert agrees — NAP consistency – which means that the exact same data or layout of your company’s Name, Address and Phone number are listed across the whole entire world of the is one of the most necessary features for your site’s performance in local search. However there’s another very important aspect at play: your business’ type. You heard it right: the very nature of your business. Because that, after all, determines the way you should list it on search engines. Consider it like dating. The user wants to know what you’re all about, so tell them.


3.) Conversions

Always test-ride your keywords in Google AdWords. And, if bidding on AdWords is something you really can’t lay down the money for, you can get a few of the paid AdWords traffic for free ninety-nine — with certain coupons that both Google AdWords and Bing Ads provide to new advertisers. These coupons differ in value from $50 to $100, which is perfectly enough ching to run one test campaign in most cases. To retrieve the coupons, all you need to do is register a new Google Analytics account, Google Webmaster Tools account, or Bing Webmaster Tools account . soon, you’ll get the coupons sent to your email.


2.) Content

If you are the owner of a website, that means you’ve got to guard your content from being scraped. This is how you do it. Keep a very close eye on the ranking of your website, trying not to miss a peculiar drop in ranking that could be because of someone else using the content on your page. When your rankings begin to drop, check whose rankings are going up, and search their pages for pieces of your own content. Take the appropriate action. This may be doing something like getting in contact with the website’s owner and asking them to take down the copied content. You can also use Google’s content removal form to do this.


  • 1.) Keywords 
  •  Google’s Keyword Planner always comes to the rescue. And the real reason to use this app is no longer to check the search volume of a keyword, but to explore what other keywords Google thinks are most necessary in relation to the page you’re planning to develop. In order to do this, in Keyword Planner, you must select the first option in Tools, and Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category. First type in a keyword that is directly connected to your item or service, for example, Vietnam. Second, signify the URL of the site you want to utilize Google to suggest keywords for. Third, if it’s possible at all, signify the category of your product or service with category names such as “Travel” or “Tourism.” Finally, perfect the targeting if you only want to target any locations or languages in particular..

Watch the video below for some more tips and tricks!