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Google has just launched Google buzz within their free email service Gmail (you need a Gmail account), if you’re an avid Gmail user lookout for this new icon on the left.

Google Buzz Icon

By Google adding Google Buzz’s social networking feature it will challenge the likes of Twitter and Facebook who do you think will come up on TOP (tell me below)? 

Google buzz can also be used on mobile phones like the iPhone where you can geo-tag posts with your location.  

I’m sure it will make short messaging sites like twitter go redundant.

Have you come across the Twitter live feeds within the front page of Google results.. See below:

Twitter live feeds within google front results

Google is testing live feeds around the world, I just wonder when they are making it a permanent feature, but I’m guessing they are tracking results passed to twitter from the Google search page before they switch it to show Google Buzz results on the front page of Google.

Google buzz  does not have any SEO value as yet! 

But I’m sure many people will think of ways to create spam accounts and add thousands of people on autopilot like they do on Twitter and spam the hell out of all Google buzz users.

I have already started to use this and it could be as addictive as twitter once was to me.

It’s amazing you can upload images, movies all within one screen for people to comment about, instead of jumping from one page to another as we all do on twitter when someone posts an image link or YouTube link.

Surprisingly the first day I clicked the Google Buzz icon in my Gmail people were already waiting to follow me.

So I suggest you give it a go and tell me what you think below..

Google just launched the addition of a new domain to their list of international domain names google.ps for Palestine.

The new domain will give Arabic-speaking users in the Palestinian Territories, who use Palestinian ISPs, access to Google in Arabic–and eventually, access to more locally-relevant content.

Google Palestine

Local domain names are part of a bigger strategy for Google, they’re a first step towards making the web more accessible and relevant for users from around the world, providing local services to them wherever they happen to be.

Google has already previously launched a number of local domain names for other countries including Jordan, Morocco, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Libya among others and plans to continue doing so.

Google has set up a controversial new tool that permits the public to comment about any website in a sidebar displayed in their web browser.

I think this tool will open a wave of problems with spammers talking rubbish about great sites, there is also nothing stopping someone’s competitor from using this tool under lots of Gmail IDs and creating a hate campaign against its rivals.

Google Sidewiki, the tool is integrated into the latest version of Google Toolbar and works with both Firefox and Internet Explorer but ironically, not yet Google Chrome.

To use Sidewiki, download the most recent version of the Google Toolbar and set it to enhance.

Once activated, Sidewiki glides across from the left and becomes a browser sidebar, where you can compose entries in a vertical column and read the entries of other people. To activate Sidewiki, you simply click on the Sidewiki button in your Toolbar menu or the little talk bubble on the left-hand side of your screen.

Google Sidewiki also lets you share information about a website with other users on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and Google profiles.

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