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Google Maps Fake Listing Removal

If you found your Google Local business listing showing a hijacked URL or a totally fake listing, you can use the following form.

http://bit.ly/google-maps-spam-report-form (use the form if you moved address or lost logins)

Also send a copy of the contents of your report form to:

Please follow the below important step for successful removal and Google Map SPAM prevention.

Make sure you verify your Business in Google Places to prevent edits by random people.


Google Local Maps Affiliate Warning – if you have affiliates selling your products, services, dating sites,  hotel rooms etc.

Make sure you check you’re Business, Hotels web address on the Google maps listing every week when possible.

I have seen many times Hotel affiliates hijacking hotels Google maps listing and editing this listed web address with an affiliate web address to make easy money.

If this has happened to your business and you have followed the Google Maps verification process here: http://bit.ly/googleverifylistings .

Your web address cannot just be replaced without a email being sent by Google stating there is a request for a change to your listings web address as you have to click a link to approve it.

In most cases, this would have been an internal member of staff also acting as a secret affiliate who is trying to get more money free.

Hope this Helps

Matt Waterman – Master SEO Consultant Since 1994